Monday, February 9, 2009


After a round of 6 dollar chefboyardee chicken quesodillas at filibertos, I felt my wallet begin to loose its midweight. At a loss of 6 dollars, I drove into every plaza and asked every small business for an application. By the yard, Ubuild it, mail boxes etc, cricket, H&R block, a dentist office...even a Comp USA. None. Not one even gave me an application. Having made an effort in my job search, i realized i need to come up with a game plan as to how im going to get that 1956 gretsch country classic. If anyone knows of a place that doesnt have to do with food, is alright with 2 day a week work weeks, has a boss that is rarely there, let me know.

Other than that. Check out

Monday, January 19, 2009


Its been awhile since I've said anything on here. Not much has happened. Its just been jam central every day. I haven't had this much fun playing music since me and Richie. But since its every day I've had no time for leeway. Whats leeway? Well leeway is that route you take to work or school every single day and halfway to your destination you always see THAT burger king . You want to stop by and get breakfast but at this point it will make you about 5 minutes late. And thus, swept. Leeway is stopping at that burger king and being so late to work or school that your ready to take on the strange "i cant believe hes that late, and he looks pretty full. Man i need to read my bible." looks of your classmates and or coworkers. So its been rough not having all the leeway I want, but I think I've had enough since i quit my job 6 years ago. Other than that I think this band is getting serious and ill let you guys know what the deal is when we let the cat out of the bag. Until then, keep listening to the Maine and Chris Tomlin, and enjoy this superb holiday celebrating civil rights.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Que jeremys bass in 3...2...1

Havent wrote in who knows how long. Things have been what. What as in busy. Keep it on the DL but I joined a band. The feel is...Jeff calcott mixed with timbaland. Ill let you in on more once I get permish from the exects. Gnome sayin? But days have consisted of heading to the cafe, picking up austin, lifting weights with max, putting new mickey thompsons on axe's hyundai, Shane-train's bassment studio, jack in the what, and finals...

Plently of finals. This whole semester I have been in B-, C+ kick back mode no sweat. These last two weeks of school are going to be more like, C-, loose your native american scholarship, heavy sweat level mode. Im going to be knee deep in synthetic division for a while so id appriciate a call or a stop by and grab some cookies and milk at jons to distract me from my studying.

My dad gave my address to every christian college in the u.s. so they can load my mailbox with a bunch of gumbo. The other day i took a look at point loma though. Gotta say..I love sunny san diego. The pictures of the campus remind me of zoey 101. Problem is, it would cost about 64 bogner uberschalls, and axe wouldnt want to play at mooj every sunday.

Other than that...

Things are swell,


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ice skating....check

Last night me and the guys hit the rink at polar ice. Not knowing about the session at 7:30, we showed up at 5 when the hockey games were in heavy hittin. We watched middle school hockey games for a solid 2 and a haLf. Green day had to be squeezed into the night somehow. Worth it? ....quite. You see...Ice skating was one of 5 or 6 events to do before me jeremy austin and meekas graduate. Im pretty excited about Schindler's List as we like to call it.
. . . .other THAN that

The Greer trip last weekend hit the spot. Its not a place to say, "hey how about playin some wiffleball in the yerd?!" or "Roast marshmallows on the oven!" no. Its a place to say nothing, cuss, build a fire, sit on the couch, and maybe a couple hours in, you watch spanglish. If you let that sink in, another greer trip is in the cards. If not...then another greer trip is in the yarbs.

Im very excited for cruz elton john to squirm into this world. It will be nice to have another guitarist around besides me axe and A-Will. . . twenty sheckles says cruz will love randall solid states, pantera, skillet, randy rhodes flying V's, P.O.D, and mark hoppus signature macbooks. What a Paradox. I don't know what that means. Clash of the father son titans though :P

This morning I turned down the reverb and dropped down my ernie balls to a screaming C# in our quartet worship band. Bro 12?

Next on the list....
Geffin Records

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Other THAN that.

Just took my ACT's. What a riot. Just when I thought Jeremy lamonica couldn't end up in my class, he was. What a solid individual. Although I thought the test was easy, I still feel that I did horrible. Since mr wehrli believes vocab is "an abomination in the eyes of the lord" I wasn't up to par when it came to vocab words. The test reminded me of when I made a final for Jeremy. Wha?!?! You made a final for Jerms?! Lets hear it!! Fess up! Spill the beanz! :P
Well sophomore year was the year when I couldn't decide if I would shave or grow my mind any longer than needed. That being said, I used to take Jeremy to school every day. We were a great team when it came to being on time which is a skill that would come in handy now that they approved the sweep initiative. Inevitably, Jeremy and I saw true light of our own personalities. I figured the best way to deal with this was to type up a final that made Mr madsens final want to burn mine due to all the illegitimacy's my final contained. In other words, my questions didn't make sense, my multiple choice options were either all right or all wrong, and the rest were unanswerable. I think this is the day that I decide to regret my homemade final. Now after taking the ACT's I realize the frustration brought forth. No knowledge of vocab, not knowing how to do math basics because of all the games we play in Mr curran, and kick butt essay can shed true light on a test takers guild.

Speaking of Mr curran. We told ghost stories last Thursday in celebration of Halloween. Riot indeed! Sometimes I cant believe that man. Hes a little Irish e walk. What he does is duct tapes the seals all around the both doors in the room, ductapes huge chunks of cardboard on the windows, disables the exit sign, disables the emergency light that stays on all the time, turns up the ac to fulfill the scary environment, turns off the lights, and lets everyone tell a ghost story for extra credit shining a flashlight on their face. I was this close to describing the plot in weekend at burnies in 1st person. I didn't think anyone would make the connection though. . . Stopped by skeels on Halloween. Same EXACT attire as last year. I cheered up big time when i laid eyes on her and openly judged her in front of the chief of staff. Every holiday she would make us take a minimum of 50 notes on all the charlie browns Christmas, thanksgiving, Easter, MLK, valentines day, and st pattys. All the other days would be, how its made, or anything about space on the science channel, or discovery. I cannot watch those channels anymore because of her...Here I am reminiscing about her stature and its a year later. She sure left a footprint.

defending mr wanta,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

When you walk by ms skeels car look in the passenger seat

What the H. Since the cali trip I have taken 27 (count(chocula)em) 27 naps. I'm not a nap person by any means. But after school, all it takes is a round of tiger woods on wii and by the 6Th or 7Th hole, I pass out to the announcers babble. Lunch with j bones was good. I think its great that he has a married wife and a carnival cruz on the way, I just sincerely hope that once that baby enters the earths atmosphere, jason doesn't loose his sense of humor. See what happens is being a dad causes you to put on the overalls of a authoritarian libertarian. Believe me Ive seen it a plenty...nah i doubt it will happen. Jason brings off the vibe of a...full tone full drive (gain half way) and a Dr. z and an a/b box going through a matchless chief, with the head of an igret, and the antlers of a....tom delonge epiphone signature....

tom tom....So no I think Jason will have the self control to put on the jeans of a Calvinist :P

Anyways. I forgot my soda pop survey was concluded. Time got the best of me. Why does it always have to be the "cooky, wacky" answer that always wins by a long shot? Ticks me off. Are peoples favorite soda really a mooj pop? If you think about it, mooj pops are horrible. Its just water with red dye and kool aid powder struggling to release the "oh yeah" of kool aid :P

Dear Jon,

Good to hear from you. Sorry that I haven't returned your message sooner, but I havenot bee around. You are correct, when you say, that you were a great student of mine.I will miss having you in my class this year.Unfortunately, I do not have my paperwork or gradebook in front of me. Everything isat Corona and Corona is heavily under construction right now. So the soonest I canre-look at your exam and final grades will be this Fall. Rest assured, if a mistake hasbeen made, I will do whatever I can, for you, to rectify the problem. Food for thought,in years past, whenever I had a student do poorly on an exam, it sometimes was becausea student accidently skipped a line on the scantron, thus making all the answers offby one. So this is one of the things I will go back and look at this Fall. Hang in there.No worries. Enjoy the rest of your summer.


Miss Skeels

CdS Science Department


Sorry her response wasn't publicly debuted earlier.

Just to screw everybody up, I'm going to start listening to Underoath again,


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Swear to me

I felt like the cali trip was just one big bus ride. Don't get me wrong i loved wahoos, holiday inn biscuits and gravy, clowns, sleazy perv clowns, skunks, ninja, and studio updates via flikr to max. I'm pretty sure that everyone who went agreed upon one basic system. That system being; See how long Jon can go without eating, and then get him really full so he is lacking energy. Although a clever system, its long term effects have started to kick in today. I have just been napping and watching chuck reruns all day. Fright fest was overweight. I wish that I could work as a monster and smack my shovel near and or on a big group of families. That would be somethin else.

I think if Austin were to have come on the cali trip, the following would have taken place;
1. Andrew would have been stressed
2. KP disaster
3. Holiday inn would file 3 separate lawsuits against the Christian Community of Chandler Arizona for breaking their TV in half.
4. We would have watched drum line on the way, and on the way back.
5. Him and Ryan axe would arm wrestle, and both of them will take it too seriously.

....I think I'm gonna reverse the claim that if i have facial hair, Jeremy doesn't. If Jeremy has facial hair, I don't.

Here's why: (For all those veteran readers out there)

Now that Jeremy knows this, his left brain compels him to challenge this rule to the best of his abilities. Thus making it a competition. I'm all for competitive sports but gross, unmatured, beards? Cmon. That's like fighting over a middle aged Hermione, without a full ride to NAU. I blog about this simply because I might, by mistake, sound serious if I were to approach him.

.....well that about covers it. Better be hittin the old dusty bones.

passed out at yarbs',